For more than 30 years our close relationships in the antiques field with art collectors have allowed us to have a wide vision in this field. We are lucky because our knowledge has been expanded by many experts with whom we share friendship. Thanks to these factors we can offer the following services aside purchasing and selling:

  • Inventory and rating
  • Heritage dealing
  • Advising


In all cases, our first visit and quote is free.


Inventory and rating

There are many situations where it is important or very helpful to have an imparcial assessment of a collection, either for a heritage dealing, for an estimate insurance’s value or for an objective opinion of a collection in order to make it better.

The cataloging of a collection comprises of the referencing, taking pictures and estimating the value of each piece. This information is then compiled in a profile where one can find the authenticity of the object, its condition and, in some cases, bibliography where is quoted or reference bibliography. There are two different criteria to determine the value of each lot when asking for a rating: purchasing and selling. The selection of one or the other depends on the kind of assessment that one needs. All the profiles will be collected in a dossier and it will be given to you in two forms: printed and also in a digital format.

The price of these assessments is established in a first meeting where we will need to see all the pieces, which will be assessed, and it will vary depending on the number of pieces, complexity of the assessment and the client’s preferences for the profile. This price will include the services of our advisors whenever we think we need them for particular lots, but it does not include the issuing of certificates for any of these lots. These can be requested but its cost is seperate and it will depend on each expert and piece.


Heritage dealing

It is common that in the process of a heritage dealing between different heirs, all or none want to take control. This process can get trickier when dealing with works of art, furniture and objects, because it is the hardest to price and to distribute.  Therefore, sometimes it is useful that an outsider who is impartial, can take over in order to equally distribute all the goods.

The ways to do so are many - closed lots, sharing out piece by piece or preferences in a closed envelope. The method is agreed on the first meeting with the heirs, where the budget will also be addressed.

This service is normally linked with an inventory or a rating, although it is not indispensable.



We will try to help you resolve your doubts and analyse pros and cons for each of your options in a meeting in front of the piece/s, in the case where one would like to sell a piece or a set of pieces and do not know how to deal with its sale (in a lot, piece by piece, auction, internet, etc.) .

We might be potential buyers of the piece/s and therefore this service is free, which is no commitment on your part.