In memory of Jaume Clavell


In memory of Jaume Clavell

Concludes the exhibition that the Museu del Càntir of Argentona did to celebrate the 100th birthday of Jaume Clavell I Noqueras (Argentona 1914 – Begur 1997). Jaume Clavell was the founder of the museum and the first member of the Clavell family to get interested in antiques. This exhibition is focussed on his artistic side, meanwhile the last exhibition they did about this man was focused on his multiple studies. We want to thank the museum and his director Oriol Calvo for the work that they are doing to preserve the memory of Jaume Clavell. Links:

About Clavell Morgades

Amb el pas dels anys el recolzament dels companys, col•leccionistes i amics, han fet del nostre negoci un punt de trobada per a amants de l’art i ens han permès formar part de la història de centenars de peces.

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