#el paper de l’art


#el paper de l’art

This May 20 galleries of Barcelona organized a macro-exhibition of artworks on paper. Each one shows their own exhibition at their own place, in which you will find art pieces from the XVIth century to the XXIst, and done by famous artist, young artists and anonymous artists as well. For that reason the range of prices of available artworks will be wide. To encourage the young people to get into the galleries, watch and make questions the dealers will raffle 3.000 € among the people who visits the 20 exhibitions during this month, money that will have to be used to purchase the winner’s favorite piece or pieces of all the exhibitions. In our gallery you will be able to see 6 different blocks of pieces: Landscape, Master Painters, The Underground Life of Barcelona from the 20’s to the 70’s, Travels, Contemporary and Books. Artorks by Isidre Nonell, Pau Roig or Alphonse Mucha will be shown from may 8th until the end of this month.

About Clavell Morgades

Amb el pas dels anys el recolzament dels companys, col•leccionistes i amics, han fet del nostre negoci un punt de trobada per a amants de l’art i ens han permès formar part de la història de centenars de peces.

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